An analysis of characters and environment in the novel the return of the native by thomas hardy

She has an amorous relationship with Damon Wildeve, but enters into a tragic marriage with Clym Yeobright when she realizes that he is the more interesting, and urbane, of the two men. People like Susan are so at one with the land that they are consumed by it, joined together with the landscape in a pantheistic union of souls.

With an irony she herself recognizes, she knows that she idealizes Wildeve "for want of a better object. Eustacia read them long, as if they were the page of a book in which she read a new and strange matter. Most of the key plot elements in the novel depend upon misconceptions--most notably, Eustacia's failure to open the door to Mrs.

Hardy thereby reveals an awareness of time and history, whilst underlining the significance of the human subject. He is also seen to prefer obstacles being in his path rather than enjoying a relationship. Clym finds a cottage and moves from home, leaving his mother disconsolate and bitter.

Some of the locals consider Eustacia to be a witch; Susan Nonesuch even makes a kind of voodoo doll of her. In a parallel characterisation which highlights the connection between the heath folk and their environment, the faces of certain individuals are portrayed in terms of the landscape.

Eustacia Vye is in love with Clym, but also burns a candle or in this case a pile of furze for Damon Wildeve. The reader can easily identify the scenery and towns described in the narrative located within the southwest of England, which incorporates Dorset and the surrounding counties. Yeobright, they cannot truly escape the harsh, rugged landscape; it has entered into the depths of their very souls.

She arranges to substitute for one of the boys in the traditional Christmas mumming a play or pageant in which the actors use gestures, masks, props, and elaborate makeup, but do not have spoken linesthe first performance of which is at a party Mrs.

He is a curious, interesting, and nearly perished link between obsolete forms of life and those which generally prevail.

The Return of the Native Analysis

He remarks of her hair "that a whole winter [does] not contain darkness enough to form its shadow: Whether the inhabitants of Egdon Heath are thoroughly modern and liberated, such as Eustacia Vye, or more traditionally-minded like Mrs.

Grosart, about the question of reconciling the horrors of human and animal life with "the absolute goodness and non-limitation of God", [50] Hardy replied, Mr. Everywhere in the novel, his range of allusion is wide, but it is particularly so for Eustacia.

Clym Yeobright, the novel's intelligent, urbane, generous protagonist, is also, through his impatience and single-minded jealousy, the cause of the novel's great tragedy. In his autobiography, Hardy identifies the important correlation between humans and their environment, highlighting the significance this interaction has in our understanding of the landscape.

Once back to normal again, Clym sets out to discover what his mother was doing on the heath. Far From the Madding Crowd is an example of a novel in which chance has a major role: Though she is pleased that she has made him come, in their conversation she is unable to get him to say he loves her more than he does Thomasin.

Yeobright considers herself--and is considered--of a higher class than the local laborers. Thematically, however, the novel is original and ingenious: Eustacia is described as more like a goddess than a woman.

In a novel structured around contrasts, the main opposition is between Swithin St Cleeve and Lady Viviette Constantine, who are presented as binary figures in a series of ways: Indeed, it almost seems as if the characters are formed by the heath itself: Though he is rejected, the aunt uses him as a means to put pressure on Wildeve.

In fact, as many have noted, the heath is one of the principal actors in the drama, for the actions of all the characters are reactions in some way to the indifference that the heath represents.

The Return of the Native Summary

Despite her best efforts to escape, Eustacia also becomes totally absorbed by the landscape but in a tragically literal sense. She is a beautiful lass, so beautiful that men are struck mute in her presence and left trembling in her wake. Events in the next chapter make it obvious how it will take more of a man than Wildeve to handle Eustacia.

Its subtitle, A Pure Woman: The novel seems to privilege a bleak understanding of human nature. He watches over Thomasin Yeobright's interests throughout the novel, but also preserves his own interests: Giving up his business career in Paris, Clym has returned to Egdon Heath to set up as a schoolteacher to those who can't afford existing schools.

Captain Vye is the chance acquaintance of Venn's.The Return of the Native Homework Help Questions. Discuss the role of Egdon Heath in The Return of the Native. Egdon Heath is the setting of the novel and is integral to the events in it. The Return of the Native is Thomas Hardy's sixth published novel.

It first appeared in the magazine Belgravia, a publication known for its sensationalism, and was presented in twelve monthly installments from January to December /5.


Dive deep into Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion The Return of the Native Analysis Thomas Hardy. Contains the novel, twelve of. Thomas Hardy OM (2 June – 11 January ) After he abandoned his first novel, Hardy wrote two new ones that he hoped would have more commercial appeal, and then to Sturminster Newton, where he wrote The Return of the Native ().

Hardy published Two on a Tower ina romance story set in the world of astronomy.

The Return of the Native

Romance in The Return of the Native is often not all that romantic or even nice. Love, for the bulk of the cast, is extremely painful. In fact, love is a fantasy for many of these characters. - Return of the Native is a novel written by Thomas Hardy and was published in It is part of Hardy's Wessex Novel and takes place in Edgon Heath which is an area rife with witchcraft and superstitions.

Eustacia Vye, Diggory Venn, and Clym Yeobright are all main characters in Return of the Native.

An analysis of characters and environment in the novel the return of the native by thomas hardy
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